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  • Update on the Supply of Olympus Imaging Products Following the Kumamoto Earthquakes

    Olympus Corporation itself has not suffered any direct damages due to the earthquakes, but several suppliers of parts for Olympus imaging products including interchangeable lens digital cameras, interchangeable lenses, and compact digital cameras have been affected and it is likely that this will negatively impact production and sales of Olympus imaging products. The exact scale of the impact is currently under investigation. More

  • New HID foot switches deliver exceptional flexibility and comfort for professional users

    The new RS31H and RS28H foot switches offer users a wealth of versatile options. Both models support the individual assignment of multimedia keys and hot-key combinations. Besides operation together with Olympus Dictation Management Software (ODMS), these foot switches can also be freely used independently to thereby open up a whole new world of deployment potential. For example, these new models can be used to control web browser applications and practically all third-party software, such as video and audio editing programs or gaming software. More