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ETD Double

Advancing the
Efficiency of Reprocessing.

ETD Double is is an advanced solution for reproducible hygiene results. Its versatility and capacity optimizes the reprocessing work flow and produces results at a high level of hygiene. ETD Double is specifically designed to ensure the safety of patients and employees and protect sensitive endoscope instruments.

Key benefits

Clean-side/dirty-side separation


ETD Double is a pass-through washer-disinfector. Its double-door design enables clear separation of dirty and clean endoscopes during reprocessing.

Simultaneous reprocessing of up to three flexible endoscopes


Ideal for busy endoscopy units, ETD Double is the first Olympus washer-disinfector to reprocess up to three flexible endoscopes simultaneously.

Single channel flow monitoring

Single-channel flow monitoring is possible for up to seven channels for function-compatible endoscopes. Flow monitoring is applied in every process step.

Loading of baskets and connection of endoscope channels entirly outside ETD Double


Endoscopes are placed into the basket and connected to the ready-to-use adapter sets outside ETD Double. This enables preparation while the ETD Double is running a cycle, thus optimizing work flow.

Innovative ready-to-use adapter sets for easy connection


Color- and mechanically-coded adapter sets support safe reprocessing of endoscope channels and facilitate straightforward connection. The adapter sets are ready-to-use.

ETD Double is the first Olympus pass-through washer disinfector and represents the pinnacle of more than 25 years’ experience in endoscope reprocessing. Its double-door design enables strict clean-side / dirty-side separation for the highest standards of endoscope hygiene and patient safety.

The design concept of ETD Double optimizes work flow with a range of features including easy to use adapter sets and external loading of endoscopes. The ability to simultaneously reprocess up to three endoscopes further enhances efficiency in even the busiest endoscopy unit.

Advancing safety

  • Comprehensive leakage test functionality
    The automated leakage test of ETD Double provides precise and stable sensors and pumps for high detection rates of even the finest leaks.
  • Ergonomic machine loading
    ETD Double washing chamber is positioned at a comfortable, accessible height for users, while the Olympus ETD Double loading trolley allows for height-adjustable placement of endoscope baskets. Glass-sliding doors facilitate the loading and unloading process.
  • Real-value documentation
    With ETD Double, the real values of a reprocessing cycle can be documented. Values can be monitored during each process on the user-friendly touch display, and this data is also available upon cycle completion in the process-specific record.
  • Independent monitoring of process-critical parameters
    An innovative independent monitoring system enables supervision of process-critical parameters, such as temperatures and dosage volumes. This two-sensor system leads to excellent standards of safety.
  • Compliance with EN ISO 15883
    The Olympus ETD Double is fully compliant with EN ISO 15883-1 and 15883-4. This has been proven with type testing and thorough microbiological testing at a variety of independent hygiene institutes.
  • Enhanced RFID-based tracing technology
    Olympus RFID-based tracing techology enables clear identification of users, endoscopes and chemicals. Compatiblity with a variety of traceability solutions including Olympus ENDOALPHA documentation is available.

Advancing hygiene

  • Detection of blockages at the individual channel level
    ETD Double allows the individual connection of up to seven endoscope channels, so even complex endoscopes can be connected. A completely new flow-control system detects any faulty reprocessing conditions inside function-compatible endoscopes.
  • Effective self-disinfection
    ETD Double has an automatic self-disinfection process which operates daily and can be pre-programmed and activated automatically prior to the daily work schedule. This helps to ensure safety from the very first cycle of the day.

SpecificationsType/versionsETD Double
Capacity3 flexible medical endoscopes
ProcessCompatible with Olympus PAA process chemistry
Programs- Standard programs for flexible medical
endoscopes with different drying options
- Thermal program for rigid instruments
- Thermal self-disinfection
Outer casing and frameStainless steel
InterfacesLAN printer port
User interface7-inch multicolor touch displays on both sides
DimensionsETD Double unitW × D × H: 900 × 830 × 2140 mm
WeightETD Double unit≤570 kg
Electric Power SupplyVoltage / frequency400 V / 50 Hz
Fuses3 × 16 A
Power consumption10.5 kW
Water SupplyProcess water: Cold water and/or demineralized water (drinking water according to microbiological quality)Water hardness: Max. 4°dH
Temperature: Max. 30°C
Water for optional steam condenser (cooling circuit
is also possible)
Tap water
Temperature: Max. 20 °C
Ambient Operating
Ambient temperature5–40°C
Relative humidity10–80% at max. 30°C
Height of discharge connectionFloor-level drain or optional drain pump
(height max. 1.5 m)
Compliance StatusCertificatesDIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001
CE marking according to 93/42/EWG, Class IIb
Fulfils DIN EN ISO 15883-1/2/4
SafetyFulfills DIN EN 61010-2-40
EMCIn accordance with 2004/108/EC directive
Protection against pollution of potable waterFluid category 5
Fulfills DIN EN 1717
RoHSIn accordance with 2011/65/EC RoHS directive

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